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COPD Tape activates the lungs.

Activate and revitalize the body!

The application of BIO-Energetic COPD Tape causes energy vibrations, which activate the self-healing process, and can thus cause a positive change through the activation of all body cells, which in turn can have a positive effect on the lungs. The effect of the BIO-Energetic COPD Tape is based purely on a bio-energetic basis by subtle harmonisation of natural energy oscillations.


Position the tape two times a week for two to four hours on the chest area (for example, Wednesday & Sunday).

Customer feedback:

" Since my mother is already 81 years old, I am writing to you to let you know about the experiences and results using your COPD tape as my mother has been diagnosed with COPD.

The initial situation was that she still had a lung capacity of about 52% and could only leave the house once a week, as well as

a hoarseness in her voice.

My mother complained about a lot of mucus. Her resilience under COPD was severely limited until November 2016.

She received the COPD tapes and then in about six to seven weeks, my mother was able to leave home every day, with a

noticeable increase in her oxygen-lung volume ,

Her voice after two months of using the patches was very clear and soft in communication!

The permanent expulsion of mucus was drastically reduced, so that her quality of life had improved a lot.

My mother is a physiotherapist and very enthusiastic about the COPD tape, and she uses it with conviction , although she was

very skeptical at first due to the fact that in the past other known methods had not really helped with her COPD .

We can only advise anyone who has similar problems to use the tape as soon as possible!

For further questions I am at your disposal and remain with best regards.

Thomas G. Waltrop Dated 25.05.2017.

" The patches are really incredible. I am a heavy smoker. After the second patch I had virtually no cough.

Best regards and once again a big THANK YOU !!"

M. Brändle